Soham Tatwawadi

Beautiful place, full of positive energy and very well organised. Highly recommended.

Dilip Vaidya

I got introduced to Seema mam for learning basic pranic healing. She is enthusiastic person while teaching and helped us understand concepts in depth with lots of practice. At the end of class, you will have surely be amazed by the energy world that's presented if front of you; you will be a different person for sure. I did advanced pranic healing course that was orgnised at the same place and the energy level of teacher and this place is amazing. Yogita mam is highly energised person and owns the place, no wonder place is so positive. TIP: Don't forget to start the topic of singing and don't be surprise if Yogita mam is fullfilling your wish of songs at the end of the course. Wishing Urja Pranic Healing and meditation centre a best of luck. Keep spreading the knowledge of energy to normal people that will help them to stay healthy and achieve the life goals.

Yogita Badve

Urja pranic healing centre is a beautiful and soothing place to learn pranic healing . One needs to experience the feel and the energy in this healing centre.Highly recommended.

Seema Tatwawadi

Anuja Deshpande

Hello, I learned basic pranic healing from Seema mam on 6 and 7th Feb 2021... Meeting her was destined somehow. And as the course started moving ahead, I was amazed to learn a lot of things about aura, how to see it, how to feel it , what is energy body, how many chakras do we work on and what all is their work.. she was amazing in knowledge and answering each and every query of us! 😃 We learned many new things which will help us now and in future. The twin hearts meditation was a beautiful experience. The way we felt spiritual cord after that and the vibrations we felt when we touched the chakras while scanning a person was just something that cannot be described in words. The respect for everyone, teacher and whoever has helped us during our whole journey was something that I really appreciated.. Thank you for guiding me with so much of dedication and awareness.


Seema Tatwawadi your teachings of Pranic healing were genuinely very helpful. It has helped us into self healing and also help others too.

Mrs. Tripti Bagaddeo

Hi....I am Mrs. Tripti Bagaddeo w/o Mr.Prashant Bagaddeo, about 45 years, a teacher by profession. I was suffering from pain in my lower leg and thighs since June 2019. I was not able to fold my legs and it was impossible for me to sit on floor. My X-Ray and MRI reports were normal. I took physiotherapy for sometime but had no relief. Then someone advices me to contact Mrs. Seema Tatwawadi from Pune for Pranic Healing treatment. I took around 20 sessions of healing and Twin heart meditation. Also, listened to the Kshama Prayer suggested by instructor Mrs. Seema Tatwawadi. Now I can fold my legs properly and also there is very less pain than what it used to be earlier. I have full faith in Pranic Healing. My experience of Pranic healing with Mrs. Seema is very good. I wish her success😊

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